A Scabies Treatment Over The Counter Guide

Wed, Nov 18, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Scabies

Are you in search of an effective scabies treatment over the counter guide? Scabies is not one of the more common diseases around, but surprisingly, each year, scabies afflicts quite a lot of people. Scabies is caused by a bug, and needs treatment otherwise it will not go of its own accord. Close bodily contact with a sufferer of scabies is almost certain to cause infection. Sleeping in the same bed or wearing the same clothes will also cause infection.

Scabies does not cause death, however it is a very troublesome affliction and is responsible for itching and scarring of the body. Scabies is actually a very tiny mite that loves to live in the skin. Once a person is infected, the scabies mite will reproduce and spread rapidly throughout the body, unless this is prevented by proper and timely treatment. A family member or friend can help apply the cream to the parts of the body that are not reachable by the sufferer. The person that applies the cream needs to be very careful, not to end up in exactly the same situation as person they are helping.

Gloves and protective clothing can be worn, and these will definitely help to prevent the scabies infection as the other person is being assisted. Scabies is spread a lot in sports rooms, college hostels, and locker rooms. The problem is that so many people can be afflicted at the same time under this set of circumstances. Scabies will always spread very quickly through close physical contact with a sufferer. It is virtually impossible to get rid of scabies without the proper scabies treatment being applied. Using creams and/or powders to dry out the sores will not usually make a difference to the itching The scabies bug can be killed with the use of medication. The mites are so tiny, that it is very difficult to see them with the naked eye. People who try to scrape them off from their skin will not succeed.

Most of the creams are available in local pharmacy stores. The symptoms of scabies are red bumps, a rash-like appearance around the affected areas such as the armpits. Any part of the body that is generally warm and moist is fair game. These include the armpits, groin and buttocks too. The scabies can easily spread all over the body if one is not careful about controlling the situation. The itching can be very irritable and is enough to drive one up the wall.

Use of the medication will definitely result in the eventual disappearance of the irritable red bumps on the skin, so all efforts should be made to get the proper medication. Washing all clothes and bedding is also known to be an important step in preventing reinvention and spreading of the disease. It is also possible to use bleach spray on the bed, carpets and even cars. Try not to damage the items you spray with the bleach. You want to be able kill the bugs, but still preserve your belongings. Be as aggressive as is necessary in your battle as is deemed necessary. Very hot water has to be used for the washing of the clothes and bedding. Finally, put them in a hot dryer, and the heat should get rid of ay remaining mites in the clothes or bedding. I hope you found this short scabies treatment over the counter guide useful.


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